TV personality, economist and self-professed “Reagan Republican” Larry Kudlow just wrapped up a speech at the state GOP convention, during which he assured attendees they – and, more importantly, Rob Astorino – can win this fall if they run a “tough, issues-oriented” campaign.

“We must, just as Republicans all across the country must, return to being the big tent party,” Kudlow said.

“The big tent party. We can disagree on matters of conscience, morality and religion, I get that. I’m a pro-life Catholic…But that’s not the issue in this campaign.”

“I don’t feel like having this fight all over again. I don’t. Big tent, there’s room for everybody, OK? There’s room for Catholic conservatives like myself, and there’s room for Log Cabin Republicans also.”

Later, Kudlow reiterated his big tent point, saying: “We are not just the party of angry white men, no disrespect intended.”

Of course, that’s exactly the argument Astorino himself has been making as the Democrats hammer him (and at least one other GOP statewide candidate, AG hopeful John Cahill) on hot button social issues – like gay rights and abortion – casting them as too conservative to represent voters in this blue state.

Kudlow urged New York Republicans to focus on the economy – both in New York and nationally. And while he praised Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for successfully pushing tax cuts in the 2014-15 budget, he said there is much more to accomplish before the state loses its ranking as one of the highest-taxed states in the nation.

Kudlow aimed most of his vitriol at the White House, saying things like: “This is going to be a Republican year because President Obama has now had six years and it hasn’t worked.”

But he also slammed Cuomo for continuing to stall on making a decision on whether to allow fracking in the Southern Tier, calling it “scandalous” that the governor won’t risk upsetting “radical” environmentalists like his his ex-brother-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“There is no earthly reason, there is no academic study…not a single study that shows that fracking is harmful,” Kudlow insisted.

“…You must campaign on that…economic growth, taxes, fracking. We can do this. That’s why Astorino can beat Cuomo. If you run a tough, issues-oriented campaign, put the facts on the table, you can win.”