The state Democratic Committee on Wednesday unveiled a new attack ad that ties both GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino and Republican Chairman Ed Cox to national Republicans like Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

The ad’s narration refers to Cox as an “oil and natural gas developer” and introduces him as “Richard Nixon’s son-in-law.”

The 60-second ad, which begins airing today, also points to Astorino’s conservative positions on abortion, gun control and same-sex marriage.

The ad comes as Republicans gather for the first day of the state convention in Westchester County.

And in an echo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s comments earlier this year about “extreme conservatives” in New York, the ad says: “The right wing Republicans have done enough damage in Washington. We don’t need them here in New York.”

Republicans this afternoon are expected to nominate John Cahill, a former Pataki advisor, for attorney general and Bob Antonacci, the Onondaga County comptroller, for state comptroller.

The TV ad from the state committee is the second wave of paid media to hit Astorino.

Democrats in April unveiled a pair of negative ads knocking Astorino for his ongoing dispute with a federal housing settlement.

The ads, while very early in the campaign, appear to be an effort to define Astorino now for voters as he still remains largely unknown statewide.

The full script is after the jump.

Their unyielding right-wing politics has ground Washington to a halt. Shutting down the government. Pushing the radical Tea Party agenda. Refusing to give an inch.

Now the national conservative Republicans are trying to find a way into New York. Richard Nixon son-in-law, and oil and gas developer Ed Cox — has hand picked the ultra-conservative Rob Astorino to run for Governor.

Astorino is the only County Executive in the nation found by the federal government to be in violation anti-discrimination laws.

$10 million in penalties for civil rights violations. Rob Astorino is against a woman’s right to choose. He’s against marriage equality. He’s against criminal background checks to buy a gun. The right wing Republicans have done enough damage in Washington.

We don’t need them here in New York. Rob Astorino. So far right. He’s wrong for New York.