Bill Samuels, a Democratic fundraiser, political gadfly and leader of a government reform group says he is giving “serious thought” to running a primary challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s choice for lieutenant governor, former Rep. Kathy Hochul.

Samuels has blasted Cuomo for his economic policies over the last several years and earlier this year declared Cuomo should run as a Republican given his record on taxes.

In a radio interview on Talk-1300 with Fred Dicker, Samuels insisted his problem isn’t with Hochul, whose candidacy was unveiled last week at the state Democratic convention.

“My opposition and serious thought to running for lieutenant governor isn’t about his choice of running mate,” Samuels said. “She’s qualified to be lieutenant governor. Picking a woman is good. My problem is Andrew Cuomo. His lieutenant governor will be a rubber stamp for him. She will be seen, but not heard. That’s not what we need at this point.”

Hochul is replacing outgoing Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy, who was deployed around the state to boost Cuomo’s economic-development programs (The amount of travel became a problem for Duffy physically, who said the hours logged in the car caused him to develop back and leg pain).

Samuels also criticized Cuomo for taking the Independence Party line late last week after the party quietly nominated the incumbent governor, along with the rest of the Democratic slate.

The nomination comes after Democratic county chairman Jay Jacobs, along with GOP candidate for governor Rob Astorino, urged Cuomo not to take the line.

“My hat’s off to Astorino for not taking the line,” Samuels said.

Despite the possible candidacy and his pointed criticism of the governor, Samuels would likely have his work cut out for him. The upstate director of his liberal advocacy group, EffectiveNY, was hired away by the Cuomo campaign.

“He made a practical decision,” Samuels said of his former upstate director, John Sullivan. “Most people believe Andrew Cuomo is going to be the next governor.”