Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Thursday called for a Democratic takeover of the state Senate, saying the current arrangement in the chamber has bottled up key reforms.

Silver, speaking to reporters after a breakfast to kick off the final day of the state Democratic Convention, pointed to the Dream Act and a statewide system of publicly financed campaigns as issues he’d like to see approved in the Senate.

“I think a lot of those are the issues we’ve stood for that have been stymied stand a better shot” with a Democratic Senate, Silver said.

The Senate is currently led by a coalition of five independent Democrats and Senate Republicans.

The IDC has pointed to a number of key victories they’ve been able to approved in the chamber under the coalition arrangement, including a package of gun control laws in 2013.

A Siena poll found most voters back the power-sharing agreement in the Senate.

But other liberal measures have faltered, including the Dream Act, which provides tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants and the full women’s agenda, which includes a provision aimed at strengthening the state’s abortion laws.

“The leadership refuses to allow a true vote to take place,” Silver said of the Dream Act, which failed earlier this year in the Senate after not receiving enough votes.

He added he believes enough votes are in the Senate for the Dream Act to pass.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who didn’t approve a full takeover the Senate by Democrats in 2012, in April made a forceful push for the Dream Act, as well as the women’s agenda and public financing at a rally for the Democratic Rural Conference.

Cuomo faces skepticism from liberal advocates on whether he truly wants those measures to pass the Legislature, especially public financing.

Silver insisted Cuomo supports them, and once again urged the Working Families Party to endorse him for re-election.

He added a Democratic Senate would support Cuomo’s second-term agenda.

“He’s battled for reform. He’s battled for campaign finance reform,” Silver said. “He’s battled for the Dream Act. This is why we need a change in the Senate to achieve some of those things.”