Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports a plan that would phase-in public financing for political campaigns beginning in the next election cycle starting in 2015, an administration source said this morning.

Under Cuomo’s plan, the phase-in would begin with open seats, or elections where no incumbent is running for re-election that would have to begin in 2015.

The source added that the governor is “flexible” on the ratio of a 6-to-1 match which is used in the New York City public funding system.

The flexibility comes as Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos indicated his conference could support a public financing plan that uses off-budget funds.

But Cuomo is not necessarily flexible on when public financing should begin: The source says he is strongly pushing for the system to begin next year.

An agreement in the 2014-15 state budget created a public financing system only for the state comptroller’s race this year, and Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli says he won’t participate in the program.

Advocates backing a statewide public financing have blasted the agreement as well, while the union-supported Working Families Party has said such a program is a key issue as members openly mull not giving Cuomo its ballot line this fall.

Cuomo in a Huffington Post op/ed posted on Tuesday reiterated his support for public financing, saying that he too was unsatisfied with the budget agreement and called the program “the last meaningful reform left undone.”