Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout on Friday formally launched her bid to take on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the Working Families Party ballot line.

In a statement, Teachout said she’s launching the bid for governor because the “system is rigged for the rich and powerful” and Cuomo isn’t in a position to change it.

“I’m seeking the WFP nomination because New Yorkers deserve an economy and democracy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. The system is rigged for the rich and powerful, and as part of that broken system, Andrew Cuomo isn’t going to fix it. People’s voices aren’t being heard,” Teachout said. “Cuomo not only failed to do anything real to prevent wealthy and corporate donors from buying our politicians, but proposed severe cuts in education funding while giving massive tax breaks to bankers and billionaires. I am strong supporter of public education, a democracy responsive to our voices, and an economy grounded in good jobs and many small businesses, not a few powerful corporations.”

Teachout this morning also launched a campaign website as she prepares to seek the labor-backed party’s line.

Teachout has written extensively on political corruption and worked on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.

Cuomo in recent weeks has worked to shore up his support within the WFP and the liberal base of the party by trying to push the state Senate to approve a broader system of public financing of political camapaigns.

The WFP’s convention will be held Saturday at the Desmond Hotel outside of Albany. Party officials expect a floor debate over who will receive its nomination.

The WFP in 2010 initially nominated a placeholder candidate as the party faced a federal investigation over its for-profit arm Data and Field Services.

Cuomo ultimately accepted the ballot line after the WFP adopted Cuomo’s platform as its own.

The Green Party is also running its own liberal alternative to Cuomo, Howie Hawkins, who achieved ballot status in 2010 receiving more than 50,000 votes.