Mike McGuire of the Mason Tenders District Council and a former treasurer of the labor-backed Working Families Party is not too happy with the gubernatorial candidacy of Zephyr Teachout.

Indeed, in a Facebook post, McGuire slammed the notion of the Fordham law professor running for governor on the WFP’s line — underscoring the fracturing of the party over whether to endorse a more liberal candidate as the activist side of the organizations or go with incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has the support of its union backbone.

In the post, McGuire says the leadership of the party doesn’t necessarily represent working families anymore, and amounts to a “bunch of Park Slope limousine liberals.”

“I’m ashamed I ever helped found the WFP. To call yourself the “working families” party and then draw the line in the sand over campaign finance reform is an absolute disgrace. How about a line in the sand over raising the minimum wage? Or establishing a true living wage? Or fully funding the public transportation system? Or bringing jobs and opportunity and economic development to the pockets of NYC and vast swaths of upstate New York that so desperately need them? When you can’t pay the rent or put food on the table, campaign finance reform is a rich person’s problem. The WFP leadership is now nothing more than a bunch of Park Slope limousine liberals, either literally or figuratively.

Cuomo’s re-election is supported by a host of labor organizations that have made up the traditional base of the WFP, including 1199 SEIU and 32BJ and the like.

But the governor is not supported among the more activist side of the WFP, which includes chairs like Karen Scharff of Citizen Action who remain restive over his stances on taxes, charter schools and other middle-of-the-road priorities.

A h/t to Jimmy Vielkind at spotting this earlier.