The latest TV ad in the Republican congressional primary battle on Long Island has state Sen. Lee Zeldin blasting his opponent George Demos once again for ties to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

From the script:

“George Demos’ attack ads have been called “shameful” and “desperate.” And now we know Demos’ ads are bankrolled by Nancy Pelosi’s team…And Demos is labeled the first Pelosi-Republican. Lee Zeldin has something money can’t buy: Integrity. He’s an Army Major, and tax-fighting State Senator who repealed the MTA Payroll Tax. And Lee Zeldin has never supported Obamacare and never will.

The attack hinges on Demos’ father-in-law, who is a prominent Democratic donor, but the former SEC prosecutor hasn’t taken any money from Pelosi or organizations tied to her political operation.

The state and local GOP establishment is backing Zeldin in the primary, but Demos has the support of former officeholders like George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani.