Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino in a radio interview Wednesday said his top campaign advisor shouldn’t have called Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos as a “prison punk” on Twitter.

The dustup occurred Tuesday afternoon when Skelos provided a congratulatory quote in a Cuomo news release that touted the state’s bond rating improving to Aa1.

O’Reilly in a tweet referred to Skelos as a “prison punk” — analogous to a “prison bitch.”

Astorino told Fred Dicker on his Talk-1300 radio show that O’Reilly shouldn’t have used the phrase.

“That was the wrong analogy to use,” Astorino said. “I wish he hadn’t said it.”

Astorino added, however, that the state’s bond rating improving wasn’t necessarily anything to celebrate, considering that it will allow the state to simply borrow more money.

The comment though highlighted how Senate Republicans, even as Cuomo has promised to flip the Senate for the Democrats, have worked well with Cuomo over the last 3-1/2 years.

In short, their accomplishments in the majority over two terms are closely tied with Cuomo, making for their argument for re-election to inevitably overlap with Cuomo’s.

Skelos has said he supports Astorino’s gubernatorial campaign.