Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino on Monday blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo for accepting the Working Families Party’s ballot line as the death of Democrats and GOP lawmakers working together at the Capitol.

“Saturday night was the night bipartisanship died in Albany,” Astorino said in a video release. “A group of brave Democrats had a knife put in their backs by their own governor for having the audacity to reach across the political aisle. That’s really unfortunate.

In the video, Astorino knocked the WFP as a “fringe group” started by those who founded the now defunct community organizing groups ACORN.

“So today, I am sending out an SOS — a Save our State — to New Yorkers of good will, of all political parties, to join me in the fight to bring healthy balanced government and bipartisanship to Albany,” Astorino said.

Cuomo on Saturday pledged to help Democrats retake the state Senate as well as work to pass a package of liberal legislation.

Cuomo in his first 3-1/2 years has worked well with Senate Republicans, and touts his bipartisan record in campaign ads.

Of course, Democrats were quick to point out earlier in the day that Astorino had been endorsed by the state Conservative Party, a small but influential minor party that has been credited with drawing GOP candidates to the right.

“This past Saturday, Rob Astorino sold out the mainstream values of New Yorkers by accepting the endorsement of the anti-woman, anti-gun safety, anti-immigrant, anti-New York Conservative Party,” said Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf “Astorino’s embrace of the right-wing Conservative Party comes less than a year after he was caught by a judge for conspiring to corruptly hijack yet another third party ballot line. This latest attack is nothing more than Astorino’s attempt to cover up his ultraconservative views.”

P1000133-HD 720p from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.