Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino on Tuesday blasted out a fundraising email that knocked Gov. Andrew Cuomo for accepting the Working Families Party ballot line.

Cuomo had to work for the labor-aligned party’s endorsement: He agreed to support a full Democratic takeover of the state Senate and back a package of legislation favored by liberals.

“Our governor’s 11th hour deal with this marginal third party is going to put New York in even deeper financial trouble than it is already in,” the email said. “When Bill de Blasio ran for mayor of New York he did so with the promise to tax, tax, tax! Now, Cuomo has kowtowed to the same extreme sect of his party, promising a loss of even more jobs in New York State.”

The email concludes with a plea for donations.

“As governor, I promise to bring integrity back to Albany,” the email says. “I need your help getting there. Every $10, $20, $100, and $500 received helps me spread my message of honesty and integrity across this great state. Please consider investing in the future of New York by contributing to my campaign today.”

The email comes after Democrats and the Westchester County Independence Party accused Astorino of seeking the Independence line during his 2013 re-election.

Essentially, the party is accusing Astorino of taking an illegally aggressive stance against the local party’s leadership.

“As he campaigns for Governor, Rob Astornio routinely disavows the Independence Party as a ‘corrupt’ organization,” said Peter Tilem, the attorney representing the Westchester Independence Party. “But less than one year ago, he was not only seeking the party nomination, he was leading a corrupt operation to hijack the party rolls.