Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino expects Senate Republicans to fall in line for his campaign if only because it benefits their chances of keeping control of the chamber.

“We’re going to be unified and look, it serves everyone’s purpose to have a very competitive governor’s race,” Astorino said in an interview with Fred Dicker on Talk-1300 this morning. “If I lose by 25 points, then the Senate is going to be strongly Democrat.”

The county executive pointed out that Senate Republicans will need a strong top of the ticket to drive turn out, which will help them in the long run.

“That’s politics 101, get your base out,” he said. “And we’re going to.”

Astorino and Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos differed last week after the GOP candidate released an ethics plan that was aimed at reforming the Legislature, which included end the per diem system and scaling back the length of time lawmakers are in Albany.

Astorino’s top advisor went as far as to public criticize the Republican conference’s ineffectiveness in Albany, which brought a blistering critique from Skelos’ office. The advisor, Bill O’Reilly, briefly considered a run for an open state Senate seat, but ultimately declined.

Astorino in the interview indicated he was relieved that O’Reilly would continue on with his campaign.

Senate Republicans have worked well with Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his first term, working with him to pass key legislative victories.

But with the governor pledging to help Democrats retake control of the Senate, Astorino says the GOP conference’s “usefulness” to the Democratic incumbent has ended.

“He’s gotten whatever he’s wanted or needed and now it’s time to sit down with the liberal, ACORN, Occupy Wall Street crowd because he needs to,” Astorino said.

Astorino said he expected the Senate Republicans to come home, in part, because Cuomo can’t be trusted.

“If there’s any Republican who thinks and trusts the governor to help them tacitly or in public, just look at what happens and how he goes back on his word,” Astorino said. “Nobody trusts the guy.