Supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino are urging donations to his campaign, drawing a parallel to D-Day, the massive Allied invasion that took place 70 years ago today.

In a video posted on the website, supporters call for the removal of “tyrants” with a photo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo shown.

Images of the Allied invasion of Normandy, which opened a second front in the war are shown (including one image that appears to be taken from the film “Saving Private Ryan”).

“The goal is to pool donations made by everyone at the same time (June, 6 2014),” the website says. “This will make headlines and will give Rob Astorino both the necessary money to defeat Andrew Cuomo and the name recognition he would not get otherwise. Together we can honor our fallen soldiers and make history.”

The “money bomb” campaign does not appear to be affiliated with the Astorino campaign, though the candidate’s advisor Bill O’Reilly thanked them on Twitter.

“Will be watching the grassroots “money bomb” for @RobAstorino roll in today! Thanks to all doing it!,” he tweeted.

“We’re enormously grateful for whatever outside, grassroots help we can get, but we would always prefer that discretion be used in imagery,” said Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “We have passed along our feelings about this, along with our thank you’s for the support.”

Not everyone is happy with the effort.

Republican Sen. Greg Ball blasted the video to The Daily News.

“It’s a real cheap shot to involve any images of combat veterans from any period in any political propoganda, especially fundraising,” Ball said.