Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino on Monday said he has no plans to return donations generated by a grassroots organization that used images of the D-Day invasion to raise money for his campaign.

“This is an independent group that we have no affiliation with whatsoever,” Astorino said in an interview on Monday with The Capitol Pressroom. “I don’t think it was the right thing — the imagery was not the right thing.”

The website on Friday created a “money bomb” fundraiser for Astorino, the Westchester County executive taking on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year.

The campaign’s effort included a video and website that drew a parallel to the effort against Cuomo to the invasion of Normandy by Allied forces.

While he didn’t necessarily approve of the images, Astorino indicated he understood their angst.

“You’ve got hard-working New Yorkers that their rights are being taken away by this governor,” he said in the interview.

“As I said, I think discretion would have been a lot better,” he added.

Astorino declined to return any of the donations generated by the D-Day website, but questioned whether Cuomo would return contributions from an event that former state Sen. Nick Spano organized. Spano is a lobbyist who was convicted for tax evasion.

Astorino in January reported $1 million in his county executive account, nearly two months before he launched his bid for governor. Tonight, Astorino will fundraise with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Cuomo in January reported $33 million in cash on hand for his re-election campaign.

“If hard working New Yorkers want to give us money, I’ll take it, because hard-working New Yorkers losing under this governor,” Astorino said.