Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office late last week released a 36-page report card touting its accomplishments over the last six months.

The report comes at the end of the legislative session, and includes many of the items Cuomo and state lawmakers were able to agree on, including measures aimed at heroin addiction and abuse, the creation of a medical marijuana program and changes to the state’s teacher evaluation law.

The governor also points to the 2014-15 state budget agreement, with the tax cuts aimed at businesses.

And Cuomo points to non-legislative accomplishments ranging from the large-scale like infrastructure projects and the $8 billion federal Medicaid waiver to the small bore such as a redesign of the DMV website.

Not mentioned are what didn’t get done at the Capitol: the public financing of political campaigns, the women’s agenda, and the DREAM Act — all hot-button issues that are expected to become campaign issues for Democratic candidates as well as Cuomo.

End Session Report 6-20-14 100pm by Nick Reisman