Iraq War veteran and former Congressional Candidate David Bellavia has been a vocal critic of President Obama but Monday he took things to a whole new level.  The Silver Star recipient and author sounded off following the controversial prisoner of war exchange over the weekend.

“I mean let’s be honest. This is an impeachable offense,” Bellavia said. 

The Taliban released U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five of their members that had been detained at Guantanamo Bay.  Bellavia told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen he wasn’t exactly in favor of the move.

“What the Taliban just got was their version of MacArthur, Patton and the CIA director all in one,” said Bellavia.

Republicans in Congress have expressed concerns with the potential precedent the prisoner exchange could set.  Bellavia wasn’t the only one who echoed those concerns.

“It’s something we want to look at because obviously we want to make sure our men and women who are serving abroad are safe and are not being targeted as perhaps future hostages,” said Senator Kirsten Gillbrand, D-NY. 

Why Bergdahl disappeared in the first place is also being questioned.   After speaking with the Bergdahl’s squad leader and members of his company, Bellavia believes he not only deserted, he defected.

“He walked off the base. There’s no argument about that. There’s no debate. He learned Poshtu. He converted to the religion and this is not Stockholm syndrome. He did this beforehand,” said Bellavia.

Bergdahl is recovering at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany; once his medical condition has improved U.S. Defense Officials hope to learn more about his disappearance. When he returns home, Bellavia said Bergdahl should be received as a criminal, not a hero.

“I hope that his parents get to see him but they should visit him in Leavenworth (Federal Prison)  because that’s where he belongs. Six men lost their lives trying to find this kid,” Bellavia said.

The White House pushed back claiming members of Congress had been well aware of the effort to recover Bergdahl for years describing the exchange as “entirely consistent with past practice.” Bellavia says the administration was caught off guard by the criticism. 

“I think he (Obama) expected us to have a parade for him (Bergdahl) and unfortunately it shows that these advisors that are around this President aren’t ready for primetime,” Bellavia added.