Deputy Senate Republican Leader Tom Libous expects the medical marijuana legislation working its way through the Senate and Assembly to change during negotiations.

The bill is now the subject of three-way talks between Senate and Assembly lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office.

Lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly last weekend reconciled the differences between the two bills for a joint agreement on the Compassionate Care Act.

But that bill could change yet again as talks continue.

“I’m not sure that the bills that are presently in committees are the bills that will finally get voted on if there is a bill,” Libous said. “I do believe there could be a different type of bill maybe, something that all parties could agreed on — really working in the right path as it deals with medical marijuana.”

In a further development on Thursday, the measure was moved from the Senate Finance panel — where Chairman John DeFrancisco of Syracuse said he wouldn’t allow a vote on the bill — to the Senate Rules Committee, improving the bill’s chances of hitting the floor sometime before the end of the legislative session.

Libous, who has indicated a willingness to support medical marijuana and is being treated for cancer, wouldn’t rule out backing a final version of the bill.

“We’ll see. Time will tell, I’d have to look at the final bill,” the Binghamton Republican said. “We’ve got four days of session left. There’s going to be a lot of negotiations over the weekend, a lot of discussions.”

He added, however, that doctors he’s spoken to remain against smoking marijuana as a form of treatment for the seriously ill.

“I couldn’t support the bill presently because of the smoking issue,” he said.