As the state Senate takes up the individual planks of the 10-point women’s agenda in the waning legislative session days, NARAL Pro-Choice New York is renewing its call for the passage of the full plan.

“NARAL Pro-Choice New York supports the anti-trafficking provision of the Women’s Equality Act and believes it should be passed this session – along with the nine other incredibly important provisions of the Women’s Equality Act,” said the group’s president, Andrea Miller. “The Assembly has risen to the occasion and passed the full bill twice, championing the full range of rights for New York women. Indeed, the Assembly’s action to protect the rights and health of women in New York is in keeping with the long legacy of pro-woman votes that chamber has taken.”

The Senate has been applying pressure to the Democratic-led Assembly to take up pieces of the omnibus, especially a provision aimed at curtailing human trafficking, a bill that has been pushed strongly by Democratic Assemblywoman Amy Paulin.

However, Gov. Andrew Cuomo as well as members of a coalition of women’s groups backing the package have insisted the full plan should pass.

The fight this legislative session over the WEA as it’s known in Albany is far less noisy and contentious than it was a year ago, when Senate approved nine of the 10 measures, but did not approved a measure aimed at codifying the Roe v. Wade decision in state law.

IDC Sen. Jeff Klein attempted to put the abortion provision on a separate piece of legislation as an amendment, but the effort failed on a procedural vote.

“When it comes to passing the Women’s Equality Act, the ball is now solidly in the Senate’s court. The entirety of the Women’s Equality Act is not controversial among the New York electorate; it should not be controversial among our elected leaders in the Senate either. We can’t accept the Senate’s inaction as a given, and the women of New York don’t deserve to have the male-dominated Senate pick and choose which of our rights are worthy of defending.”