Republican candidate for attorney general John Cahill on Monday knocked Democratic incumbent Eric Schneiderman’s handling of crime, prompting the attorney general’s campaign to release a lengthy “fact check” memo.

Cahill, along with the president of the Yonkers Police Captains Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, toured an area of Yonkers that had recently been the site of a gang-related shooting.

Cahill pointed to the incident as an example of the AG’s poor approach to fighting street crime.

“Eric Schneiderman says, ‘You cannot prosecute your way out of a drug epidemic,’ but we must have an active, vigorous AG who will take the lead on prosecuting violent gangs and dealers,” Cahill said.

In a statement, and cited FBI stats showing violent crime between 2009 and 2012 has risen. Schneiderman took office in 2011.

“You have to respect the law to enforce the law and over and over again Eric Schneiderman has flouted the law. From the hit and run he ‘barely felt’, to the AEG scandal, to now refusing to release emails with his top political consultant, Eric Schneiderman has a stunning lack of respect for the laws he is charged to uphold,” Cahill added.

In response, the Schneiderman campaign called Cahill’s attacks an effort to “resuscitate his anemic campaign” and provided an annotated push back against some claims made over the last several weeks.

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