Democrats in the mainline conference are confident Gov. Andrew Cuomo will follow through on his promise and help them retake the state Senate.

Speaking at a news conference for increasing the state’s minimum wage, Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins insisted Cuomo was clear in backing a Democratic takeover of the chamber, though it remains nebulous as to what form that support will take.

“I’m sure he’ll be campaigning and he’ll be campaigning with the senators who will be helping push forward his agenda,” Stewart-Cousins said.

Cuomo, along with the Working Families Party and a coalition of labor groups on Saturday announced a plan that included the governor’s support for a raft of liberal legislation as well a push for Democrats to retake the Senate.

Cuomo was endorsed by the labor-backed WFP on Saturday over Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout.

Cuomo did not support a full Democratic takeover in the 2012 election, with some liberals believing he has tacitly supported the coalition of Republicans and five independent Democrats who now govern the Senate.

On Sunday, Cuomo laid down conditions for his support of local control for a minimum wage increase, saying he backed a plan that would require a state formula for a local hike.

Both Stewart-Cousins and WFP Co-Chairwoman Karen Scharff insisted Cuomo wasn’t walking back his support for the proposal.

“He’s not changing his commitment,” Scharff said, who also appeared at the news conference this afternoon with minimum wage workers. “That’s exactly what we had wanted, he hasn’t changed that in any of his comments yesterday or today.”

Nevertheless, activists within the party remain weary over how much they can take Cuomo’s commitment to the bank.

“The governor was very clear on his position and I think what we’re doing is supporting these workers, supporting what his intentions are, what his words and giving so many avenues to how we can reach those common goals,” Stewart-Cousins said.