Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo has raised legitimate issues with medicinal marijuana legalization and added negotiations continue “in good faith.”

“I think he’s negotiating in good faith,” Silver said in an interview. “I have no doubt about it. His concerns are legitimate concerns. They may not be shared by others, but they are legitimate concerns.”

Cuomo remains opposed to the Compassionate Care Act as its written now. The governor sought changes to the legislation that ultimately led to lawmakers amending the bill so more power is given to the Health Department to oversee a program as well as a ban on smoking medical pot in public.

But Cuomo continues to have a cautious outlook on the bill, saying at a news conference that it’s “tough to put the genie back in the bottle” on medical marijuana.

Cuomo and lawmakers earleir today announced an agreement on bills that would stem heroin addiction and abuse.

“I think he has a concern about it in terms of today we came to an agreement on a heroin package,” Silver said. “The governor believes extensive use of marijuana leads to further addictions.”

Silver, meanwhile, continues to support his own version of a 25 mph speed limit for New York City.

Sen. Jeff Klein’s measure for the 25 mph limit has the support of New York City officials after the city Council approved a home-rule message backing the Bronx lawmaker’s bill.

“We’re holding the other one on the floor if the Senate is more comfortable with the other one,” Silver said. “If there is no home rule and no agreement with the Senate, we’ll pass the first bill for sure.”