A revised policy for handling sexual harassment cases has been completed, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told reporters on Wednesday.

Silver’s effort to toss a federal lawsuit brought by two female legislative aides who accused former Assemblyman Vito Lopez of sexual harassment was denied on Tuesday, a development that the speaker shrugged off.

“The attorney handled it appropriately,” Silver said. “It’s a preliminary proceeding in the court house. I think ultimately the facts will come out in the case will show that we acted in good faith in these cases.”

Silver is being sued in federal court over his handling of the Lopez harassment case, which involved securing more than $100,000 in settlement funds for a third woman who accused the Brooklyn Democrat of harassment.

Lopez resigned his seat after an ethics commission report painted a damning picture of harassment and abuse.

In the wake of the scandal, Silver said the Assembly would develop new guidelines for reporting harassment.

“I believe you’ll see it’s posted,” Silver said. “It’s done.”