After informing reporters that a revised policy for handling sexual harassment cases has been completed, Assembly Speaker Silver announced this afternoon that he has again admonished and disciplined scandal-scarred Assemblyman Micah Kellner for failing to adhere to a no-intern rule instituted following an investigation that found he sexually harassed members of his staff.

Silver said he is fully implementing the recommendations of the Assembly Ethics and Guidance Committee, which called for further sanctions against Kellner after he was found to have violated the terms of a Dec. 30, 2013 Letter of Admonition that directed him not to have interns in his office.

The committee also found that Kellner, an Upper East Side Democrat who has been fighting the initial sanctions lodged against him, attempted to obstruct a climate survey mandated by the Dec. 30 letter and engaged in additional sexual harassment beyond the matters that were the subject of the 2013 investigation.

As a result, Silver will reduce Kellner’s staff allocation to 0 at the end of June, and also has directed that the assemblyman’s Albany and district offices be closed. In addition, Silver said he admonishes and severely reprimands Kellner on behalf of his Assembly colleagues and declared “that his conduct with respect to these matters violates the Assembly’s policies on sexual harassment and is inconsistent with the standards of conduct to which Members of the Assembly should be held.”

Silver’s actions are a bit moot, since Kellner will be leaving office at the end of the year. He lost a bid for the NYC Council last year, and then announced in February that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election to his Assembly seat, either. The NY Observer recently reported that Kellner may run for an obscure state committee post in an effort to re-start his stalled political career.

Speaker Silver admonishes Assemblyman Kellner – again. by liz_benjamin6490