Fordham University Law Professor Zephyr Teachout is pretty skeptical Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a shot at winning the White House in 2016, or perhaps ever for that matter.

Teachout lost the endorsement of the Working Families Party to Cuomo on Saturday after a last-minute round of negotiations won the incumbent governor the group’s support.

In an interview on Capital Tonight Monday evening, Teachout laughed off the possibility of Cuomo even gaining the nomination for president.

She pointed to a populist strain in the Democratic Party that leans more toward liberals than middle-of-the-road candidates.

“If people tell the truth about Andrew Cuomo there is no truth he’ll become president of the United States,” Teachout said, adding, “Working Families Party Democrats are on the rise, whatever you call them, but deep populist progressives are on the rise and they so frustrated with Democrats like Andrew Cuomo who can’t run to the right fast enough on economic issues, so I don’t think he’s a very serious candidate.”

She is yet to decide whether she’ll challenge Cuomo for the Democratic nomination, though added she would have the support of rank-and-file activists and those on the left who are skeptical the governor will follow through on his pledges to the WFP.

“It’s a money question. If we had public funding of campaigns there is no doubt I’d be announcing tomorrow,” Teachout sad.

You can watch the full interview here.