Zephyr Teachout on Sunday evening said she would push forward on an effort to hold Gov. Andrew Cuomo accountable on liberal priorities, but stopped short of indicating whether she would launch a primary bid to wrest the Working Families Party nomination from him.

In a statement, Zephyr says she “lost the Working Families Party nomination” to Cuomo in part because the governor use the state budget to “threaten groups” who may vote against him.

“On the day of the convention, a mayor, state attorney general, and party leaders all whipped delegates to vote for Governor Cuomo,” Teachout wrote. “And still, they couldn’t even break 60 percent against an unknown first-timer. It shows the deep dissatisfaction with the Cuomo administration, and the raw hunger for deep change.”

She decried the agreement struck by the WFP leaders, saying she can’t support it charging that Cuomo is untrustworthy.

“If we are to tackle power, we must first build it among ourselves,” she said. “I plan to keep working with New Yorkers – and with the Working Families Party – in the months and years ahead to amass this power. This is just the beginning.”

Teachout has a campaign account for governor that went live on the Board of Elections website Monday morning, but it is dated to have been created on Friday.