As Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout is poised to launch a Democratic primary bid against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Working Families Party is urging liberals and progressives to back the incumbent.

Teachout, of course, was favored by some in the WFP to take the labor-backed party’s line last month as a liberal alternative to Cuomo.

WFP activists had seized on a Siena College and later Quinnipiac University polls that showed an unnamed liberal challenger would draw votes away from Cuomo as discontent grew over the governor’s economic record.

But Cuomo reached an agreement the WFP for the ballot line, and is backing a host of liberal measures as well as a Democratic takeover of the state Senate.

Without mentioning Teachout — whose short-lived WFP candidacy gave her prominence in New York political circles — the party’s state director Bill Lipton urges support for Cuomo.

“We encourage progressives to support Governor Cuomo in the Democratic primary and vote for him on the Working Families line in November,” Lipton said. “Our priority is to work in coalition with community groups, advocacy organizations, unions and elected officials across the state including Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to win a Democratic-Working Families Senate Majority. This will allow us to pass groundbreaking legislation to lift low-wage workers out of poverty, ensure women’s equality, promote racial justice, advance college access for immigrants and reduce the power of big money in politics.”