From the morning memo:

A memo to “interested parties” from the state Democratic Committee sent Tuesday paints a characteristically dim picture of Republican Rob Astorino’s campaign filing.

The GOP gubernatorial candidate has $2.4 million in the bank, a fraction of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $35 million war chest.

The memo points to the transfers from Astorino’s county executive account and from local county committees as a sign that he’s padding is haul.

And the memo notes Astorino has received contributions from opponents of same-sex marriage, GOP donor Foster Friess — who made an eccentric statement about birth control — as well as the Rifle and Pistol Association.

But the memo also notes Astorino has received strong support from supporters of high-volume hydrofracking, a controversial natural gas extraction process.

“Charles Joyce, owner of the pipeline contracting firm Otis Eastern Service, gave Astorino $50,000. Joyce claims that he maintains the largest payroll in Allegany County, and that with a fracking moratorium, none of his employees can work New York,” the Democratic memo states. “Private equity mogul Ray Bartoszek, who invested $20 million into a fracking sand shipping company in upstate New York, contributed another $10,000 to Astorino.”

On the government side of things, Cuomo is yet to weigh in on whether high-volume tracking permits can be granted in the state.

Cuomo has insisted that the science will be guiding the process on hydrofracking, while acknowledging there are potential benefits if it can be done safely.

The state Department of Health continues to perform a review of the impacts of hydrofracking on human health, and those results are yet to be released.

Cuomo’s own filing shows donations from a variety of influential figures in entertainment, banking and real estate, as well as supporters of charter schools.

One donation, from former hedge fund manager and charter school supporter Stanley Druckenmiller, came the day the governor spoke at a charter school rally in Albany.

His campaign spokesman told the Times the donation was a coincidence.

“It also rained that day,” said spokesman Peter Kauffmann. “Are they connected, too? Because one had nothing to do with the other.”