Republican candidate for governor Rob Astorino on Wednesday morning in a radio interview knocked Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fundraising, saying much of the big-dollars have come from powerful interests who want something in return.

“If you look at it though, this is all transactional,” Astorino said on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show. “This is not from individual citizens around the state.”

Astorino lags Cuomo in fundraising, having just $2.4 million to the incumbent governor’s $35 million coffers.

But Astorino says fundraising will pick up as voters and supporters become more focused on the election, adding that many of the contributions he’s gotten have come from individual, small-dollar donors.

“This is from people who giving $5, $25,” Astorino said. “Yeah, we are getting large checks along the way, but these are people who are investing in our campaign.”

Cuomo, he said, will be able to outspend them on TV ads, but Astorino expects to win “the ground game.”

“It really picked up over the last five weeks, six weeks when we raised $1 million,” he said of fundraising.

Nevertheless, Cuomo has sucked up much of the oxygen when it comes to fundraising, including money from traditional allies of Republicans.

Astorino says GOP donors should be doing a double take on the governor, given his leftward turn in recent weeks with the endorsement from the Working Families Party.

“A lot of it turned when Andrew Cuomo signed a deal with the Working Families Party to take the de Blasio agenda statewide,” he said.