Democrats are pouncing Friday on a Daily News story that found Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino receives a $30,000-a-year consultant fee for media conglomerate Townsquare Media that owns radio stations in the Northeast and Midwest, including New York.

Astorino, interviewed this morning on WBNF, a Binghamton-based station that is owned by the company, called the news “the biggest non-story” of the campaign and defended the employment.

Astorino’s campaign has noted the outside employment was cleared by the county attorney.

Democratic surrogates of the governor, meanwhile, questioned the consultant fee.

“The Westchester County Executive oversees a budget of $1.6 Billion each year, and Westchester’s residents demand someone devoted to doing the job well,” said the anti-Astorino group, the Astorino Truth Squad.

In the interview this morning, Astorino reiterated his challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for a series of eight regional debates around the state, adding a dose of Freudian analysis.

“I think it goes back to his father,” he said. “His father was scared to debate as well.”