Gov. Andrew Cuomo knocked on Monday the suggestion he’s keeping his running mate, former Rep. Kathy Hochul, out of the public view because of her moderate-to-conservative opinions on immigration and gun control.

“How absurd a theory is that? I select a person to run on the ticket with me who I don’t want anyone to know who she is? Silly,” Cuomo told reporters after a signing ceremony for a law that would create a medical marijuana program.

Cuomo was responding to a column from The New York Post’s Fred Dicker, who cited unnamed Democratic sources noting that Hochul hasn’t made many public appearances with Cuomo since she was selected to replace outgoing Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy on the Democratic statewide ticket.

Hochul has appeared alongside Cuomo at a campaign swing through the Buffalo following the state Democratic convention in May.

Cuomo has not done much, if any, campaigning in public since as the legislative session was still wrapping up in June.

Hochul, a congresswoman from 2011 until she lost re-election in 2012, was added to the ticket as Cuomo aggressively has courted the western New York counties he lost to Carl Paladino in 2010.