For the 1,700 people who follow former Rep. Kathy Hochul on Twitter, her whereabouts aren’t a mystery.

Hochul, selected as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s running mate in May, has been traveling the state and have small gatherings with local Democrats.

Pictures on her Twitter feed — which doesn’t identify her as a candidate for the number two post in Albany — show her with Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, Rep. Jerry Nadler and, over the July 4th weekend, marching in a parade with Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

“Silly me,” Poloncarz wrote in a tongue-in-cheek tweet. “I thought I paraded w @KathyHochul on July 4th but must have been impersonator.”

The dose of Poloncarz snark came after The New York Post’s Fred Dicker noted in a column on Monday that Hochul has been largely out of public view since she joined the statewide Democratic ticket, potentially out of concern that her moderate-to-conservative views on gun control and immigration could be a liability.

As expanded upon by Tom Precious this morning in The Buffalo News, the sit-downs in small groups with prominent Democrats gives Hochul a chance to introduce herself beyond western New York.

But by contrast to Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Chris Moss, Hochul’s events are never advised in advance to reporters.

She did appear alongside Cuomo after being selected for the ticket this spring, appearing in the Buffalo area, which is a region the governor has aggressively courted during his first term in office.

At that event, Hochul clarified her views on the Dream Act, a measure that would provide tuition assistance to the children of undocumented immigrants. Hochul says she supports the bill.

Nevertheless, the spotlight on Hochul’s whereabouts gave the rival Democratic ticket of Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout and her running mate, Columbia professor Tim Wu, some ammunition.

“When is Kathy Hochul going to come out of hiding? Maybe someone should file a missing persons report,” Wu said in a statement this morning that seems designed to needle the Cuomo-Hochul ticket into engaging. “Or maybe — just maybe — she’s in hiding because she knows that her anti-immigrant, pro-gun record won’t cut it among Democratic voters in New York state. There is no doubt about it: there’s a giant gap between my beliefs and Kathy Hochul’s.”

The man Hochul is replacing on the ticket — outgoing Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy — disagrees with the assessment that the former congresswoman is being kept under wraps.

“I have spent 4 years working alongside the Governor, and at no time was I ever ‘muzzled’,” Duffy wrote on Twitter. “Gov. Cuomo expanded the role of the LG.”

Duffy, whose own Twitter feed of late ranges from economic development news to his rooting for the U.S. Men’s soccer team, does not appear to be muzzled these days.