Rep. Michael Grimm’s newly-established legal defense fund reports raising $67,400 last month, nearly triple what Grimm’s campaign raised during the same time period.

Grimm received donations from a mix of individuals, corporations and political action committees. A number of the donors had previously contributed to Grimm’s political campaign.

One donor to the fund was Grimm’s former father-in-law, Jhong U. Kim, who gave the maximum $5,000. Sin ah Kim, who reports living at the same address as Jhong U. Kim, also donated $5,000.

The Air Line Pilots Association PAC and the National Air Traffic Controllers PAC each donated $5,000. Both PACs have been generous contributors to Grimm’s political campaigns.

Grimm got the green light from the House Ethics Committee in early June to create a legal defense fund for legal bills associated with his April indictment.

It’s unclear how much Grimm’s attorney fees are worth, since lawmakers only have to report expenditures. The fund reported spending no money last month.

Full list of donors after the jump:

Aprile Bonano: $5,000

Dominick Ciampa: $2,000

Anthony Codispoti: $600

Alex De Meo: $500

Alice Ficalora: $5,000

Joseph Ficalora: $5,000

Richard Harris: $5,000

Suzette Harris: $5,000

Jhong U. Kim: $5,000

Sin Ah Kim: $5,000

Ronald Rosenfeld: $1,000

Marina Varshisky: $5,000

Michael Varshisky: $5,000

Apollo/Raland Brokerage, Inc: $300

Kildare Holdings, LLC: $5,000

LBI Juvenile Sales, LLC: $1,000

Gotham Chemical Corp: $2,000

Air Line Pilots Association PAC: $5,000

National Air Traffic Controllers PAC: $5,000