Claims of her invisibility have been greatly exaggerated, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul insisted last night to reporters in Broome County.

Hochul’s recent stops on the campaign trail and meetings with elected officials have not been advertised to the press in advance. Instead, Hochul’s Twitter feed has been posting photos of her meeting with Democratic officials across the state, only after the fact.

Questions over the whereabouts of Hochul first gained traction this week when The New York Post quoted Democratic sources suggesting Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want Hochul available to reporters in part because of her moderate positions on gun control and immigration.

“It’s basically laughable,” she said. “It’s so absurd.”

By contrast, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Chris Moss has had campaign schedules emailed to reporters in advance by Rob Astorino’s gubernatorial campaign.

Hochul said the discussion over her availability is being fueled by Republicans.

“Basically, I think the media is just listening to opposition that’s trying to find something to throw at us,” she said. “They don’t like how I’ve fought all my life for the working men and women of this state.”

Hochul, the former Democratic congresswoman selected to replace outgoing Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy on Cuomo’s ticket, said she made herself available to the press early on in the campaign, but few reporters were interested in talking to her.

“I need to get out and meet the people,” Hohul said. “I’m not going to hold a press conference every time I go meet a county chairman or a member of the Assembly or the Senate. But what’s more important for me to be an effective partner for the governor is to hear first hand from the people of this state what their concerns are.”

She added that her first media availability was held 24 hours after she was nominated for the lieutenant governor’s post, which was held in Buffalo.

The Cuomo campaign did not make her available for questions at the state Democratic convention, held in Suffolk County.

“I was asked almost no questions, that’s fine,” she said.

In that news conference Hochul references, she did make some news, saying she supports the Dream Act, which provides tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants, after she was asked by the press in attendance.

“I held two major press conferences and no one showed up,” she said. “So that was a decision of the media and I’m find with that. I know it’s a long campaign season.”

She added that a broader roll out of her campaign will soon be under way.

“After I’ve had my listening tour we’ve been ready to roll out whenever the media wants to find me,” she said.

Hochul’s first television appearance is scheduled she appears on NY1’s Inside City Hall next week.