A preliminary report released on Thursday by the offices of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Chris Christie raises the possibility of overhauling the bistate Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s leadership.

A more comprehensive study is expected from the Port Authority review panel within six months.

But for now, officials on the panel point to “inherent friction” within the often-troubled agency that has resulted from coming under the governance of two states.

“In its current form, the leadership structure often encourages the split of the organization into competing regional interests and the creation of fractured lines of authority within the agency,” the report found. “The Panel will consider solutions to address inherent friction resulting from the agency’s bi-state status. The Panel will also evaluate the governance structure and make recommendations to ensure accountability to the public, continuity of leadership within the organization, and standards for ethical conduct, fiduciary duties, and responsibilities to the Port Authority.”

New York controls the agency’s executive director post, while New Jersey appoints the agency’s chair.

Meanwhile, the report suggests the reform panel will consult an “ethics expert” for best practices.

“The expert will compare the agency’s existing standards against currently recognized best practices in the field,” the report says. “The Panel will ensure that this expert has full and unimpeded access to all Port Authority staff and documentation as is necessary to complete its task.”

Special Panel Letter to Governor 7-3-14 by Nick Reisman