The filings posted this week by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Deputy Senate Republican Leader Tom Libous show both lawmakers have used their campaign funds over the last six months to pay legal bills.

Silver, being sued over his handling of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment case, spent $30,000 fees with the firm Stroock, Stroock & Lavin.

Records show Silver last year spent $135,000 in legal fees with the firm, which also represented him in 2004 when faced questions over a discounted hotel suite in Las Vegas.

Silver rasied $183,455 in the last six months, and has $2.9 million in cash on hand.

Libous, a Binghamton Republican who faces a charge of lying to the FBI stemming from allegations he helped secure his son a job at a politically connected law firm, spent a combined $57,750 at three separate firms.

That includes $20,000 to the firm of Albany attorney and TWC News legal analyst Paul DerOhannesian, who is representing Libous in the trial.

Libous raised $313,321 since January and has $718,477 in cash on hand.