A source close to the Senate campaign of Democrat John Liu says he has raised more than a half-million dollars in his primary bid against fellow Queens Democrat Tony Avella and has $440,000 in cash on hand.

Avella, a member of the Independent Democratic Conference, has a fraction of that amount: $132,000 raised this fundraising period, with $88,000 on hand. The IDC kicked in $50,000 in contributions.

Liu, a former city comptroller, launched his primary bid against Avella before a new coalition agreement in principle was reached with the IDC and mainline Democrats. However, unlike other potential primary challenges to IDC members, Liu did not drop his bid.

“I’m proud of the overwhelming grassroots support that we are receiving from the men and women of every corner of this district,” Liu said in a statement. “Our campaign continues to build momentum every day because the voters are looking for leaders who will bring change and deliver results. With the help of everyday people, local leaders, community organizations, and labor unions who’ve leant their support to our campaign to bring effective Democratic leadership back to the Senate, I’ll go to Albany and never stop fighting to make this district a better place to live and work.”

Updated: In a statement, Avella brings up fines Liu’s campaign incurred for hanging campaign posters during Liu’s previous city comptroller run in 2009.

Liu was never accused of any wrongdoing.

“With over half a million dollars in unpaid campaign poster violations hanging over his head, every day disgraced candidate John Liu is failing to pay back New York City taxpayers for his illegal activities. The hypocrisy is astounding, as these are the very same taxpayers who once entrusted him to protect their hard-earned tax dollars. With his latest fundraising numbers to show, John Liu has no more deadbeat excuses left to pay back the City the money he owes. New Yorkers have waited patiently enough: It’s high time John Liu pays his fines before funding his own political ambitions.”