It didn’t take long after the legislative session ended in Albany for IDC Leader Jeff Klein to announce that he intended to form a new Democratic majority in the State Senate, only this time with the mainline Democrats. All of this is contingent upon the outcome of the November elections, but first there are those primaries to deal with. The announcement that the IDC would be working with the Democrats ( albeit as separate conferences ) was the culmination of ( literally ) a backroom deal that handed Governor Cuomo the Working Families Party Line.

In exchange for getting the line, Cuomo had to pledge to work with Mayor Bill de Blasio and the IDC to ensure Democratic control of the State Senate. Threatened primaries against IDC-ers Dave Valesky, David Carlucci and and Diane Savino quietly slithered away while two others that had already been set in motion remained. Former City Councilman Oliver Koppell had already pledged to take on Klein, and Former City Comptroller John Liu had already gone ahead with a challenge to the newest IDC-er, Tony Avella. But sources say the deal was that if Koppell wanted to continue his campaign, he would be on his own. No union support, and no endorsements from the Mayor or the Governor. Then just last week, Senate Democratic Conference leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins pulled her support for Koppell, and Klein agreed to drop his support for City Councilman Fernando Cabrera who is taking on incumbent Democratic Senator Gustavo Rivera, also in a primary. That news was first reported by Capital.

So, I guess the question now becomes…is everyone living up to their end of the bargain? Koppell had a window last week to drop out of the race, and claim at least a partial victory. He could have credibly stated that his candidacy helped force a reconciliation, and he is proud to have played a role, blah, blah blah. But he didn’t. He chose to stay in the race, despite the loss of support ( The exception being Gustavo Rivera, who endorsed Koppell and has yet to withdraw that endorsement ). But yesterday, according to financial disclosure reports, a Schedule F payment was approved from The Parkside Group to Koppell for $31,889.19. So, if the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee disavowed Koppell’s candidacy, why are they still giving him money that gets recorded on the final day the financial disclosure report is due?

A spokeswoman for the IDC says Klein stands by his statement last week that he is withdrawing support for Cabrera. A spokesman for the Senate Democrats says the payment to Koppell from Parkside ( the main consulting firm for Senate Dems ) is for “previous work.” That includes a website for Koppell and some literature and palm cards.