On the surface, the Siena College poll released this morning was not good news for Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino.

It’s never good news when you’re down 37 percentage points, granted.

Last month’s poll showed Cuomo leading Astorino 57 percent to 21 percent. The chasm this month grew slightly between Cuomo and Astornio, 60 percent to 23 percent, with Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins scoring 6 percent.

But the poll today, which shifted in methodology from registered voters to “likely” voters contains shows a deeper hole for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s main challenger.

Consider the demographic differences of those polled between June and July.

The breakdown of those polled last month included 47 Democratic voters, 23 percent Republican voters.

This month survey of likely voters — those who expect to vote in the upcoming November elections — actually increased the number of Republicans to 27 percent of those polled, and decreased the number of enrolled Democrats to 45 percent.

Today’s poll also decreased the number of New York City voters surveyed last month: 39 percent in June versus 30 percent today. Upstate voters — a bloc that Astorino hopes to capture — were increased in representation in the poll: 44 percent in July versus 36 percent last month.

The result was basically the same: A large lead for Cuomo, and few voters having an opinion of Astorino.