Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino doesn’t think Chris Christie’s support — be it vocal or monetary — will have much of an impact in his race against Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo.

“This is not going to matter much whether Christie comes into New York or not or whether he helps or not,” Astorino told Fred Dicker this morning on his Talk-1300 radio show. “Ultimately the people of this state are going to decide.”

Christie, the New Jersey governor and chairman of the Republican Governors Association, had insisted for the last several weeks he would not help Astorino’s long-shot effort against Cuomo, who has a large cash advantage.

Astorino, in turn, implied that Christie and Cuomo and some sort of non-aggression pact stemming from the controversy over the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

Christie told reporters this week that he has supported Astorino all along, but said that won’t come with any support in the form of money given Cuomo’s wide lead in the polls.

Astorino, in the radio interview this morning, said this was a bit difficult to take, saying it’s a “dereliction of duty” for Christie not to back him.

“I think there would be enormous pressure and I think it would be the right decision and I think he would come to that conclusion if this is a race that is closing in and is winnable,” Astorino said.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a potential Republican primary rival for Christie in the 2016 presidential race, will headline a fundraiser for Astorino in October.