As Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino pushes for a special state prosecutor to pursue a concurrent Moreland Commission investigation, Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy declined to comment on the proposal.

“Watching this whole issue transpire, the governor’s been very clear about not commenting on the Moreland Commission,” Duffy told reporters in Buffalo today. “It’s not something I have any indirect or direct knowledge of, anyway.”

Astorino has called for a panel to appoint a prosecutor to investigate whether any state laws were broken when Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office became involved in the direction of subpoenas from the commission, appointed last year to probe illegality in the state Legislature.

The circumstances of the commission’s demise in April, as well as Cuomo’s office’s involvement, is the subject of an investigation by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office.

After his office received a letter warning against the coordination of public statements issued by former members of the commission, Cuomo said in a statement he would refrain from publicly comment on the case.

Duffy noted that was the current policy and added that Bharara’s office was reviewing the matter.

“I would defer all questions back to him,” Duffy said.