Former Albany ethics enforcer David Grandeau is working as an “ethics counsel” for Republican congressional hopeful Bruce Blakeman.

Blakeman’s campaign on Wednesday released a lengthy statement announcing it had sent a letter to Democratic candidate Kathleen Rice asking her whether she’s hired an attorney to represent her in the ongoing investigation of the Moreland Commission.

“As a sitting District Attorney and candidate for US Congress…[you] owe the public disclosure of your role as co-chair of the Commission, including any conflicts you had and how you handled those conflicts,” Grandeau wrote in the letter to Rice, who was a co-chairwoman of the commission.

The Rice campaign has said she is assisting U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, which is investigating the involvement of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office in the commission’s work, as well as the circumstances of it closing down in April.

Cuomo has hired criminal defense attorney Elkan Abramowitz to represent his office in the Moreland inquiry, and is using campaign funds to pay the legal fees.

Grandeau is the former executive director of the now defunct Temporary Commission on Lobbying.

He also maintains a blog that has often acidic observations of state government and politics.