As he inches up in the public opinion polls, Green Party candidate for governor Howie Hawkins in a video released Tuesday called for a reconstitution of the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption, saying he would bring the panel back if elected.

“Cuomo’s own fundraising needs to be a principal target of the newly appointed Moreland Commission, starting with his enormous contributions from the gambling industry, the nearly $30 million he has secured for his re-election, and the $15 to $17 million in unreported funding he raised to support his agenda,” Hawkins said in a joint statement with the Green candidate for attorney general, Ramon Jimenez. “The Commission needs to place donors under oath to determine whether they were seeking favors in exchange for their contributions.”

Meanwhile, a Marist College poll released Monday found Hawkins had hit 7 percent in a matchup including Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican opponent Rob Astorino.

For now, no debates are planned, and Cuomo’s re-election campaign has rebuffed calls for a forum.

Hawkins said the improving poll numbers show he’s eligible for appearing in a debate.

“Voters have a right to hear where the candidates stand on the issues. I am facing two conservatives in the major parties who are out of touch with the needs and concerns of most voters. The more the voters hear about where the Green Party stands, the better I continue to do,” said Hawkins in a statement.

The Green Party has automatic ballot status this year after Hawkins hit the 50,000-vote threshold in 2010.

In calling for debates, Astorino has insisted on having just himself and Cuomo appear, saying he doesn’t want a repeat of the 2010 program that featured every candidate who gain ballot status.