Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul took a campaign swing through Schenectady on Friday — part of an overall effort to have her meet with local elected officials and voters.

Hochul, appearing at local bakery Villa Italia, chatted with Mayor Gary McCarthy and Canal Corp. Director Brian Stratton, a former mayor of Schenectady who joined the Cuomo administration in 2011.

She drank tea, with a plate of cookies and almond nougat sat on the table (Hochul joked she’s been eating mostly Power Bars and wanted some more substantial baked goods).

Hochul is a former congresswoman from western New York, but remains a largely unknown quantity to the rest of the state. She’s made a number of trips to New York City to meet voters and officials there as she faces Columbia Professor Tim Wu in a primary next month.

Wu yesterday criticized Hochul’s moderate-to-conservative stances in Congress as she picked up the endorsement of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Wu, in a statement, said Hochul has more in common policy-wise with Speaker John Boehner.

“Sometimes politics is so darn silly, I don’t even pay attention to that,” she said in response, adding she has a “100 percent pro-choice record, a pro-labor record.”

She added she’s not bothered by the Wu primary.

“I’m not concerned at all. I’m out there talking to the people that I believe are going to want to support someone who has the experience, the knowledge, the aptitude, to run a state like this,” Hochul said.

Asked if she would debate Wu, Hochul said “it’s under consideration.”

“There’s a very short time frame left,” Hochul said. “We only found out we had a primary a short time ago. We’ll see if time permits.”

And she responded to the Cuomo campaign effort to knock Wu’s running mate off Zephyr Teachout the ballot, saying it’s primarily up to a judge, but also a matter of law.

“My simple statement is everyone has to play by the rules,” she said. “There’s a reason why we have residency requirements. People I’ve been talking to like the idea someone who has actually lived in this state for the legally required amount of time are stepping up and running for office.”