Former Rep. Kathy Hochul, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s choice for lieutenant governor, said in a radio interview Thursday morning that her support for Second Amendment rights is not inconsistent with backing the SAFE Act, the controversial gun control law the governor championed last year.

When she represented a heavily Republican congressional district, Hochul received the backing of the National Rifle Association.

But after acknowledging this year she backed the measure, gun-rights advocates called for the NRA to rescind the endorsement.

And yet, The New York Times cited her support from NRA when endorsing Tim Wu’s candidacy for lieutenant governor.

Hochul, interviewed on The Capitol Pressroom, said upstate New Yorkers have a different relationship with firearms.

“I knew everybody in Erie County who had a pistol permit,” she said. “Republicans had pistol permits, Democrats had pistol permits and members of the Working Families Party had pistol permits because it’s a cultural phenomenon here.”

She insisted that backing the SAFE Act wasn’t akin to opposing gun rights, especially the right to hunt.

“The SAFE Act is not inconsistent to the guns I just spoke about,” she said. “What the SAFE Act does it gets at something every reasonable gun owner wants to make sure occurs is that guns don’t get into hands of mentally ill people, they don’t get into the hands of criminals, and we do much more to get illegal guns off the streets in urban areas where they are plaguing our streets and killing our children.”

The SAFE Act was a package of gun control measures that ranged from addressing mental illness, gun crimes and even shielded gun registries from the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

But gun-rights groups have been especially concerned with the more infamous aspects of the legislation, including what is seen as an arbitrary limitation on the number of rounds allowed in magazine.