Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul has been spending a good chunk of her time campaigning around the state in the New York City region, saying in an interview that focusing on the downstate area is meant to raise her profile.

The campaigning by Hochul is a sharp contrast to the top of the ticket, Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who has held official events in western New York and on Long Island recently to promote economic development.

“I’m the one who has to get my name out there,” Hochul said in an interview Wednesday with NY1’s Zack Fink. “He has high name recognition. He’s been doing a lot of governing.”

Hochul, a former representative from western New York and Erie County clerk, remains a largely unknown quantity to the rest of state.

To that end, Hochul has been meeting with members of Congress and other elected officials from the area (In recent weeks, the campaign has been sending out schedules in advance of her public appearances).

In a further effort to boost her name recognition, Hochul today is expected to be endorsed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“He’s out there doing what he needs to do and I’m out there doing what I need to do, which is introducing myself to the voters of New York City,” she added.

The appearances come as she faces a primary challenge from Tim Wu, a Columbia professor who is running alongside Zephyr Teachout.

“We’ve been in the Chinese community, the Orthodox community, the Latino community — all the boroughs. It’s been great,” Hochul said.