The Chiaroscuro PAC, a group opposed to abortion, has released a trio of radio ads aimed at vulnerable Senate Democrats running for re-election this year.

The ads are tailored to the districts of Sens. Terry Gipson, Cecilia Tkacyzk and Ted O’Brien, three freshman members of the mainline Democratic conference.

A sample ad can be heard here.

The spots — all titled “I Am” — criticize the lawmakers for backing a provision in the 10-point Women’s Equality Agenda that supports say is aimed at codifying the federal Roe v. Wade decision in state law, but opponents say is an unnecessary expansion of existing laws.

“New York is already considered the abortion capital of America; do we really need to extend late-term abortions into the eighth or ninth month? Do we really want to let non-doctors perform abortions on children? Statewide public polling shows that Senator Tkacyzk is way out of the mainstream in her positions.”

The ads come as Democrats are creating the Women’s Equality Party, a new ballot line that is aimed at highlighting support for the women’s agenda package, which was first proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2013 and includes anti-housing and workplace discrimination measures and a provision aimed at curtailing human trafficking.

O’Brien, a Rochester-area Democrat, meanwhile, is creating a ballot line centered around upstate taxpayers in order to highlight his support for the state’s cap on property tax increases.

Updated: Here’s a response from Tkacyzk’s campaign.

“Chiaroscuro PAC and other radical groups are spreading lies about the women’s equality agenda,” said spokesman Jim Plastiras. “The women’s equality act would simply codify the over 40 year old Roe v. Wade decision into State law, and to say that it would do anything else is a lie. Anti-choice extremist George Amedore, and his Republican allies should be ashamed of themselves for lying to the public.”