The state Democratic Committee on Thursday released a 3-minute video featuring former Rep. Kathy Hochul touting her liberal credentials in the House of Representatives and urging Democrats to support her and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Sept. 9 primary.

The video dovetails with a mailer — again, sent by the Democratic committee — that features both Cuomo and Hochul and reminds Democrats of next months’ primary.

The video comes as Hochul faces Tim Wu, a Columbia professor, while Cuomo is being challenged by Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout.

The Teachout-Wu campaign have criticized Hochul for her stances on gun control, immigration and health care, saying they’re out of step with a Democratic electorate in New York.

The video comes as The New York Times on Thursday endorsed Wu, saying that Hochul’s record in Congress was too conservative, citing many of the examples the insurgent campaign has mentioned. The newspaper’s editorial board declined to endorse either Cuomo or Teachout in the governor’s primary (candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run separately in primaries).

But in the video today, Hochul notes that while she was elected in a Republican-heavy congressional district in western New York, she adhered to core Democratic values.

“In the most Republican district in the state of New York, I campaigned hard to fight the Paul Ryan-tea party budget that would have devastated Medicare. Against all odds, I won,” Hochul says in the video.

Hochul casts herself as someone who fought against big-time developers, big-box stores and telecommunications companies. She also quotes the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, a hero to liberals and the progressive movement.

At the same time, Hochul says she “narrowly lost re-election” to the district because she wouldn’t “turn my back” on President Obama.

“Now I find myself with the unique chance to return to my passion — fighting the underdog, challenging the status quo and using all my energy to once again embrace the words of Sen. Paul Wellstone: Politics is not about power, it’s not about money, it’s about the betterment of peoples’ lives,” she says in the video. “Believe me as someone who had a progressive record in the most Republican district in the state, I know these issues are not rewarded at the ballot box, but they are the morally right stance to take.”

In addition to being blasted out to reporters, the video was sent to Democratic party members.

Cuomo announced the selection of Hochul in May at the state Democratic convention.

Her candidacy was seen as an effort for Cuomo to burnish his re-election bid in western New York, an area he lost in 2010 to Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino.

Should Cuomo win his primary next month, but Wu defeat Hochul, the Democratic ticket would feature the incumbent governor and a running mate he doesn’t prefer — an unusual, but not uncommon thing to happen in state politics.