Bill Samuels, the Democratic activist and fundraiser, has sent a Freedom of Information Law request to the state Board of Elections to determine whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office played a role in shaping the ballot language for the upcoming vote on the redistricting amendment to the state’s constitution.

Voters in November will consider an amendment that would change the state’s redistricting process to a committee appointed by the state Legislature (whether than one with sitting lawmakers drawing their own legislative boundaries).

Some good-government groups are taking issue with the ballot language including the word “independent” in the referendum question, saying the new panel to draw Assembly, Senate and congressional districts is anything but free of legislative influence.

Samuels, who considered running for lieutenant governor earlier this year, questioned whether the Cuomo administration played a role in shaping the ballot question.

In a statement Monday morning, Samuels called on Cuomo to drop his support for the redistricting change, which he says favors Republicans retaining control of the state Senate.

“During a series of meetings this spring, I personally told Larry Schwartz and other Cuomo aides that the Governor needs to break from Republicans on redistricting and show a firm commitment to a Democratic State Senate. They haven’t listened, and now I am going public with this campaign,” said Samuels, who signaled in June that he would focus this fall on defeating the redistricting amendment.

Bill Samuels FOIL Request on Board of Elections-Cuomo- Redistricting by Nick Reisman