A fundraising appeal from the gubernatorial campaign of Zephyr Teachout and her running mate Tim Wu warn that the hearing on Thursday that could determine whether they stay on the Democratic primary ballot is a “life or death moment.”

The email, released Wednesday morning, calls on supporters to donate to a “crowdfunding” effort to help pay for the legal expenses of defending Teachout’s ballot status.

“To fight back, a group of campaign supporters launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us with our legal bill,” the Teachout campaign writes. “This is unprecedented for a political campaign – to put our future in the hands of our base in this way. But that’s who we are: the many challenging the powerful few.”

The fundraising appeal is notes Cuomo’s ongoing problems with the Moreland Commission, which is now the subject of a federal investigation.

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proving to be as corrupt as the criminals he promised to put behind bars. But instead of answering questions, he’s lashing out against his progressive rivals, Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, and trying to push them off the Democratic primary ballot. But hiring lawyers to fight Cuomo’s bullying costs money and takes time — resources an insurgent, grassroots campaign doesn’t have.”

The Cuomo campaign is challenging Teachout’s residency status, arguing that she has not lived in the state long enough to be a statewide candidate.

Teachout, a Vermont native and former Howard Dean aide on his presidential campaign in 2004 and now a Fordham law professor, says she has lived in the state for five years.

The Board of Elections this month placed Teachout’s name on the ballot above Cuomo.

Randy Credico, a comedian and political activist, also achieved ballot status for the Sept. 9 primary.

While the Teachout campaign says it’s confident their names will remain on the ballot, they called the effort to knock them off “a harassing and delaying tactic” aimed at making them lose support among their base.