Years ago, a good friend of mine ended up as the lead item on Page Six for something he probably should not have done ( although the infraction was minor by today’s standards ). To this day, he still jokingly brings up the calm yet brutally honest way I described the situation for him when he called for my reaction that day which was, “well…it’s not good.”

I was reminded of that story while sitting in court this morning listening to former State Senator Martin Connor  ( on behalf of the Cuomo team ) question Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Zephyr Teachout about her residency.

By law, Teachout needs to have lived here in New York for the last five years in order to run for governor. Connor called Tecahout as his first witness and proceeded to ask about her various addresses over the time period. Fairly quickly it was established that Teachout obtained a Vermont Driver’s license in 2009 – the first year she would have had to be living here to meet the requirement. Teachout then traded in her Vermont license for a New York one in May 2014, or right around the time she was deciding to run for governor.

During her early days in New York, Teachout lived with a friend in the East Village and didn’t obtain a residence of her own until 2011. She often cited her parents address in Vermont as her permanent address, and received her mail at her Fordham University office.

As late as 2013, after being stopped for a traffic infraction, Teachout provided the police officer with a Vermont address.

There are very few bills with New York addresses ( if any ) to prove New York residency, and for the last three summers she has lived in a cabin in Vermont where she participated in musical theater productions. Some of this was first reported last month. Also this past May, Teachout apparently visited her accountant and amended tax returns to reflect a permanent New York presence.

To top it all off, her cell phone has a Vermont area code.

Finally, and this was my favorite point, the only property Teachout has owned recently was in New Hampshire where she “flies hang gliders,” according to her testimony.

Now, in fairness, the defense has not yet had the opportunity to present its case. And we are told Teachout’s mother, a Vermont judge, will be testifying tomorrow on her daughter’s behalf.

But it was a little surprising to see the candidate on the stand trying to deflect all of these facts that were skillfully drawn out by Connor while her lawyer mostly just sat there. Teachout has said that the Moreland Morass has greatly changed the dynamic of the race in her favor, but if she can’t successfully push back against this challenge, there will be no race to speak of.